Tone of Voice – A Social Media Asset.

There are so many ways to create a niche for yourself and increase audience engagement on social media. One is the creation of unique contents with amazing visuals and another is the ‘tone of voice’ you choose to adopt. Most users, more often than not, overlook the importance of what tone they use to communicate

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Logo – Your Brand’s First Point of Contact.

Sometimes, we make decisions based on first impressions and whether you like it or not, your logo is the first impression your brand gives to would-be customers. It’s most likely the first thing they see when you hand them your business card or visit your website. Generally, it’s a snapshot of your brand’s persona –

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Its Importance

A social media marketing strategy is a detailed document that shows how brands meet their social media objectives in the most effective and efficient way available. It is a tool used to prioritize and optimize social media activities in order to gain a prominent presence. Hence, it is vital in the success of a brand’s social

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Gift to Start-ups: The Chrysalis Boost

In our work, we are continuously inspired by young entrepreneurs that dream of sharing their passion with the world. Do you have a deep passion for what you do? Do you dream of being a game changer? Do you have concrete plans to establish your own business or did you recently establish your business? We

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Are you an Entrepreneur? Here is why branding should matter to you

Whether you know it or not, you have a brand. Every interaction you’ve had with your customers, every pitch you’ve given to a prospect and every one of the 140 characters you’€™ve sent out on Twitter have worked to develop your brand. These interactions, although seemingly small and unrelated, collectively form the basis of your

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How Poor Graphic Design kills Your Brand

A brand is one of the most amazing phenomenons in business. A great brand is a living, breathing specimen that must be cared for. Even in businesses that aren’t brand-heavy, such as non-chain restaurants; graphic design can play an important role in brand perception. A great graphic designer will be fully aligned with your businesses

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Social Media Marketing in Nigeria, Truth and Lies

Social Media Marketing seems to be the latest boiler among online Marketing Strategies in Nigeria, but is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all it is made up to be? Social Media Marketing companies and  Marketers are currently popping up everywhere lately. They are informing everyone that will give them an audience on how extremely vital social media

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Is Branding a Luxury?

So many people want to ‘brand’ their businesses €“to be known in a sea of competitors as the best. And while this is certainly possible, it takes deep pockets and lots of time ” something most small businesses don’€™t have. And so they say that branding is a luxury. There are many other things that

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